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Mary Beth Iagorashvili

    Athlete Bio


    Jul 28, 1974



    The Short List
    • Fourth at 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
    • 2002 U.S. National Champion
    • 1999 Pan-American Games Gold Medalist ( the first U.S. female Pentathlete in the history of the sport to qualify for the Olympic Games)
    • 1999 U.S. National Champion, 1999 and 2000 U.S. World Team member
    • 1999 USOC Athlete of the Year - Modern Pentathlon
    Did You Know?
    • Participant in the first women's modern pentathlon in Olympic history.
    • Circled the track waving the U.S. flag with silver medalist Emily de Riel during the 2000 Olympic Games.
    • Took a leave of absence from Logan College of Chiropractic to compete in the 2000 Olympic Games.
    • Strongest sports are swimming and fencing.
    • Prefers fencing as it is exciting and challenging, and loves motivational/educational speaking, especially to children.
    • 19th at the 2002 World Championships.
    • Third in the 1998 Ironman World Championships (18-24 age group).
    • Sponsored by team New Balance.
    • Was named "Scholar-Athlete of the Year" for 1993 and 1994 at the New Mexico Military Institute.
    • While attending Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, competed on the air pistol team and placed second in the 1996 NCAA Division II team competition.
    • Married to Vaho Iagorashvili, a bronze medalist in the men's pentathlon at the 1988 Olympic Games.
    It's Every Day
    The pentathlon, developed by the modern founder of the Olympic Games, Pierre de Courbertin, encompasses five events that exemplify the skills that characterized Napoleonic couriers: fencing; pistol shooting; horseback riding/jumping; a 4,000 meter cross-country foot race; and a 300 meter swim. Iagorashvili handles all five events in one easy statement: "expectations are dangerous in general. I don't like to expect things - except to do my best."

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