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Shun Yao

    Athlete Bio

    Name: Shun “Sean” Yao                               

    Hometown (City, State): Davis, CA

    Current Residence (City, State): Davis, CA

    Birthdate: 12/14/1973                                    Birthplace (City, State): China

    Height:              5’10                           Weight: 160

    Current Coach:  Simon Pitfield         

    High School Attended with location: Shenzhen Experimental  Year of Graduation: 1992

    College Attended:  Tsinghua University, UC Davis

    Year of Graduation: 1997, 2002, and 2006


    B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, 1997

    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, UC Davis, 2002

    J.D., UC Davis, 2006



    Spending time with family and kids, fencing, audiophile. 

    Favorite Foods: Spicy food.

    Favorite Athlete: Eric Heiden

    Favorite Movie: The Godfather, Star Wars

    Favorite Music: Classical, Classic Rock, Jazz, Electronic

    Favorite Country Visited for Competition: USA

    Please list your hometown media outlets (newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, Magazines, etc.):

    Davis Enterprise (Newspaper) 



    2017, US National Championship, Masters, 3rd

    2018, US National Qualifier #2, eighth

    2018, US National Qualifier #3, ninth

    2018, Placer County Pentathlon, first

    2018, Davis Pentathlon, second

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