Athlete Safety

Athlete safety is our first priority at USA Pentathlon Multisport sanctioned events. This includes ensuring a safe environment from a physical standpoint following on-site best practices, standards and controls regarding venues and weather conditions etc., as well as providing a safe athlete environment following the US Center for SafeSport and the USOPC requirements and guidelines for all individuals present. 
USAPM utilizes the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) for all background check screenings for those required individuals to ensure accurate record retention according to our:

All third-party contract agreements shall also include a Background Check clause. All individuals required to have a Background check must present current documented proof of completion prior to attending a USAPM event.
Due to the nature of our sport, some disciplines may be affected by the weather. Summer storms with rain, hail, strong winds and lightning are common. 

It is incumbent upon USAPM to maintain a "clean" Field of Play (FOP).  We will achieve Separate athlete-only areas from spectators by creating barriers between the two when available and/or by designating an individual at access points to prevent prohibited individuals from entering the FOP.