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(Photo by USA Modern Pentathlon)

Become a Member of USA Pentathlon Multisport is simple and easy. The below options allow you to participate in the activities of USAPM at your desired level of interest.

A General Membership allows individuals to support the purpose, program aims, and objectives of USAPM.  This membership entitles individuals the right to compete in all USAPM-sanctioned events and the right to vote in USAPM elections for General Directors to the USAPM board of directors in compliance with USAPM bylaws.  All General Members are subject to the terms and conditions of the USAPM bylaws including Safesport and Background check policies if required.

The 2023 General Membership fee is $85 annually (valid for the calendar year and expires on December 31st).

Individuals who wish to only compete in specific USAPM sanctioned events including, Regional competitions, National Team Qualifiers, and National Championships must either have a General Membership or an Event Day License which is valid specifically for the duration of the competition entered and is included in all USAPM sanctioned event registrations.

Individuals interested in life memberships please contact the USAPM office.