Code of Conduct

USA Pentathlon Multisport Code of Conduct 2021-2022

The USAPM Code Applies to: National Team Athletes, Coaches, Employees, Volunteers, Officers, Board Members, Committee Members and USAPM Members

I pledge to uphold the spirit of the USA Pentathlon Multisport (USAPM) Code of Conduct (the “Code”), which offers a guide and applies to my conduct as a member of the USA National Team (the “Team”) and/or other category of membership as stated above. I acknowledge that I have a right to a hearing if my opportunity to compete is denied or if I am charged with a violation of this Code. Complete USAPM Grievance procedures may be found one page 27 Article 14 of the USAPM Bylaws located at Pentathlon/About-Us/Organic-Documents

I have familiarized myself with the Code and understand that acceptance of its provisions is a condition of my selection to the Team and participation in the USAPM organization.

As a member of the National Team and/or member of USAPM, I hereby promise and agree that:


  • I will abide by all published rules related to the Team selection procedures as approved by USA Pentathlon Multisport and the rules policies and procedures of USAPM and the USOPC as defined in the USAPM bylaws located at
  • I have acted and will act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct;
  • I will not violate the Olympic Code on the prevention of the manipulation of competitions, located at 
  • I will not violate the laws of the applicable state, the United States or the event hosting nation.
  • I will maintain a level of fitness and competitive readiness that will permit my performance 
  • I will submit to a physical examination by USA Pentathlon Multisport medical personnel if my ability to compete is compromised due to physical injury and I understand that such injury may be cause for my not being selected to the Team, being removed from the Team, or not being allowed to participate if I remain on the Team.
  • I am not currently serving a doping violation and/or do not have a pending or unresolved doping charge;
  • I will not engage in any conduct that is criminal under any laws applicable to me, including, but not limited to laws governing the possession and use of drugs and alcohol and providing of drugs to any person and of alcohol to minors.
  • I will not participate or assist in any gambling or betting activities associated with any event related to my sport or my participation and I will not violate the
  • I am eligible to compete under the rules of Union International de Pentathlon Moderne and I am in possession of a valid USA passport, that will not expire prior to six months following the conclusion of the international competition, should I be chosen for an international team that requires a passport;
  • I will refrain from conduct detracting from my ability or that of my teammates to attain peak performance and I will respect the property of others whether personal or public.
  • I will respect all members of my Team delegation, other teams, spectators and officials, and I will engage in no form of discriminatory behavior or verbal, physical or sexual harassment or abuse to include bullying either verbal, written or via social media.
  • I will support all members of my team. I will not criticize or in any way disparage a team member, their ability or performance or in any way engage in any conversation or action not in the interest of promoting harmony and team spirit.
  • I will follow my Team’s written rules, including by way of example, rules regarding curfew, required attendance at team meetings, consumption of alcoholic beverages and prohibitions on the release of confidential team information;
  • I am aware that USA Pentathlon Multisport sponsors, suppliers and licensees provide critical support for the Team and, in recognition of this fact, I will wear designated USA Pentathlon Multisport apparel at all official Team functions and events when requested.
  • USAPM Team Apparel is typically designed to be used for one season. Therefore, I will not trade or sell my USA Team apparel until authorized to do so. If I lose my team apparel I will pay to replace it if requested.
  • I will not conceal or cover-up any USA Pentathlon Multisport sponsor, supplier or licensee brand or other identification appearing on my USA Pentathlon Multisport apparel and I will abide by the rules of the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne concerning allowable trademark identification on clothing and equipment worn or used in competition or on visible body tattoos.
  • I agree to be filmed and photographed by the official photographer(s) and network(s) of USA Pentathlon Multisport under conditions authorized by USA Pentathlon Multisport and give event organizers and USA Pentathlon Multisport the right to use my name, picture, likeness, and biographical information before, during and after the period of my participation in these activities to promote the activity in which I participate or to promote the success of the team on which I compete; in no event may USA Pentathlon Multisport or the event organizers use or authorize the use of my name, picture, likeness, voice and biographical information for the purpose of trade, including any use in a manner that would imply an endorsement of any company, product, or service, without my written permission.
  • I will not use or authorize the use of photographs, films or videos of myself in my USA Pentathlon Multisport apparel or equipment or the use of the USA Pentathlon Multisport logo for the purpose of trade, without the prior written consent of USA Pentathlon Multisport;
  • I will attempt to participate in media activities if compatible with my training and competitive schedule, when requested by USA Pentathlon Multisport;
  • I will compete to the best of my ability if selected to a USAPM relay team; and If I must withdraw due to injury or illness I will notify the NGB or its representative at the earliest possible moment.
  • I understand that if I require legal representation because of I am accused of a doping violation or am accused of criminal misconduct, or if for any other reasons I require the services of an attorney, I will be personally responsible for payment of such legal fees and expenses;
  • I will act in a way that will bring respect and honor to myself, my teammates, USA Pentathlon Multisport and the United States; and I will remember that at all times I am an ambassador for my sport, my country and the Olympic Movement.
  • I will abide by the USAPM Safesport policy ( and the policies of the US Center for Safesport (the Center)
  • This code shall be enforced by the USAPM Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
  • Grievances to regarding this Code or any other complaint or Grievance shall be resolved using the USAPM Complaint and Grievance Policy in the USAP Bylaws and the Grievance and Complaint Procedures located at 

No individual who is an employee, contractor, or agent of the NGB shall assist a member or former member of USAPM in obtaining a new job (except for the routine transmission of administrative and personnel files) if the individual knows that that member or former member violated the policies or procedures of the Center related to sexual misconduct or was convicted of a crime involving sexual misconduct with a minor in violation of applicable law or the policies or procedures of the Center

  • Violations of this code may be reported to the USAPM CEO 
  • USAPM does not condone retaliation of any kind (harassment, bulling etc..) for reporting of Code violations or any other matter of any subject. 
  • Reporting of violations is protected by the USAPM Whistleblower Policy 
  • (719) 866-5000 or by email at And /Or the USOPC Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Holly Shick at for further information regarding my rights under this Code.