2023 UIPM World Championships Schedule

2023 UIPM World Championships Schedule

Team USA takes on the World

The 2023 UIPM Senior World Championships and Laser Run World Championships begin August 21 in Bath, England.  For Team USA it is the last ranking event and qualifying event for the PanAm Games this October and each athletes best chance at qualifying for the Paris Games.
The season has been long for the athletes with two domestic qualifiers, four World Cups, and the National Championships which ranked the top 4 women and men to the Team USA WCH team.
Jessica Davis- 78 PAG ranking points
Phaelen French - 52 PAG ranking points
Heidi Hendrick - 48 PAG ranking points
Madison Gonzalez - 34 PAG ranking points
Brendan Anderson - 73 PAG ranking points
Tristen Bell - 67 PAG ranking points
Tyler Evans - 44 PAG ranking points
Eric Witter - 33 PAG ranking points
Laser Run WCH:
Heidi Hendrick
Mary Zoldak
Each athlete has had highs and lows this season and will need to put together a strong qualifying round against some of the world's best pentathletes to advance to the semi-finals.  This season only two USA athletes have achieved this milestone, Jessica Davis and Brendan Anderson both ranked first.
With all eyes on the PanAm Games each athlete needs to accumulate as many points as they can to make the team this October.  
Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the start of the 2023 World Championships and good luck to Team USA!!