2023 UIPM World Championships

2023 UIPM World Championships

Davis and Anderson Mixed Relay Recap

On the last day of the 2023 Senior World Championships Team USA athletes Jessica Davis and Brendan Anderson took on 21 teams from around the world.
Starting the day with an incredible fence finishing 3rd overall, a strong ride where many teams had trouble, narrowly missed scoring in the bonus round, then one of the top swims it all came down to the laser run. Team USA was tied with Team GB for 5th and only 4 seconds behind 4th, 7 seconds out of 3rd, with 4 teams behind them, all within 10 seconds meant it was going to be an extremely close and exciting race.

2023 UIPM World Championships (Photo by USAPM)

Both Davis and Anderson ran strong with only a few missed shots in their shooting series and only gave up 2 positions to finish in 8th overall.
An incredible week of competition and a great way to finish off these Championships.

2023 UIPM World Championships (Photo by USAPM)

Congratulations to all of the athletes and to Team USA!!!

Next up, the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chili Oct 20-Nov 5th.

2023 UIPM World Championships (Photo by USAPM)

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