by Dennis Bowsher

On the final day of World Cup #1, all eyes were on the highly anticipated mixed relay event, where 12 teams from around the world competed for the gold. Amongst them, Team USA was determined to showcase their talents and take on some of the world's top athletes.
Phaelen French and Tyler Evans teamed up for the mixed relay event and started out strong in the fencing ranking round. French delivered an impressive performance with some stunning victories against several World Cup finalists. Although Evans had a couple of misses in his bouts, he managed to finish strong. In the end, Team USA finished in 8th place overall with a total of 206 points in the fencing event.
Next up was the riding event, and Team USA drew some excellent horses. However, French's horse bucked a bit after the first jump, causing her to fall off and eliminate Team USA from the riding event.
In the fencing bonus round, Team USA faced off against Poland, but both French and Evans failed to secure victories. Losing 0-2 meant that they did not score any additional bonus points.
Moving on to the 2x100 swim, French set the pace with an impressive 1:10, while Evans anchored in a swift :58. Their combined time of 2:09 earned Team USA a 3rd place finish in their heat.
With the laser run left to go, Team USA was in 8th place. However, French and Evans put on an excellent show with their running and shooting skills. French finished her two shooting series in a total of 26 seconds, while Evans completed his two series in just 20 seconds. Their strong shooting and running skills helped Team USA finish with the 4th fastest laser run in the competition, with a time of 12:55.
In the end, Team USA finished the mixed relay in 8th place overall, but they proved their worth against some of the world's top athletes. The next World Cup is set to take place in Ankara, Turkey from 11-16 April, and Team USA is ready to give it their all.
Coach Dennis