Corrine Thompson, Jordan Towns and Mary Zoldak at Spanish UIPM Pentathlon Challenger in Madrid, Spain.

Thompson Qualifies for Semifinal

Team USA athletes take on the Madrid Challenge.

Thompson makes first semifinals appearance at UIPM Pentathlon Challenger

Corinne Thompson, representing Atlanta Team Pentathlon and Team USA, qualified for her first pentathlon semifinals at the world stage at the Spanish UIPM Pentathlon Challenger in Madrid, Spain.

After a personal best performance in qualifications group A with eight fencing victories, a swim time of 2:38, and a 13:23 laser run, Thompson finished in 18th with 918 points to qualify directly to the semifinals.

To kick off the semifinals, Thompson held her own against the competition in the fencing ranking round after a slow start, scoring 11 victories at the end of the day. She scored additional bonus points in the fencing bonus round during the 90-minute format and rounded out her semifinal debut by bringing home a 2:42 swim and a 13:52 laser run, putting up faster times than both her World Cup qualifications appearances earlier this year.

Thompson said “Making and competing in my first semifinals was an amazing experience!” and that the 90 minute format’s difficulty “is no joke”.

Thompson was accompanied by Team USA teammates, Jordan Towns and Mary Zoldak, who competed in women’s qualifications group B who respectively scored 770 points and 794 points. Tyler Evans represented Team USA in the men’s qualifications group A scoring 1129 points.

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