by USA Modern Pentathlon

  • IOC announces clear pathway for UIPM to finalise ‘critical reforms’
  • UIPM ready to embrace opportunity to futureproof Modern Pentathlon for 2028 and beyond
  • Working Group poised to start work in coming weeks on proposals for UIPM 2022 Congress

December 9, 2021 – UIPM has issued a statement in response to today’s announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in relation to the 5th Discipline consultation designed to futureproof Modern Pentathlon for the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028 and beyond.

At the end of a three-day IOC Executive Board meeting (December 7-9), IOC President Dr Thomas Bach confirmed that UIPM will be invited to finalise proposals for a new Modern Pentathlon format minus Riding for consideration by the IOC Session in 2023. He described the 5th Discipline process as a “critical reform” after the EB endorsed the recommendations of the IOC Programme Commission.

President Dr Bach said: “The UIPM must finalise its proposal for the replacement of horse riding and the overall competition format, and demonstrate a significant reduction in cost and complexity and an improvement across the areas of safety, accessibility, universality and appeal for young people and the general public.”

IOC Sport Director Kit McConnell added: “[UIPM] are now going through a process of looking at alternative options that’s framed around making sure the 5th Discipline increases the accessibility to the sport around the world.

“Once we see their proposal and once we understand how it meets those objectives of being more accessible and reducing cost and complexity …  we can further assess the situation and make a decision in 2023.

“The athletes have to be a very central part of that review process and we’ve made ourselves available to discuss that with the UIPM Athletes Committee to make sure they have a very clear understanding of the position of the IOC and the pathway forward.”

UIPM’s statement reads as follows:

“UIPM gratefully accepts the clear communication from the IOC Executive Board, after its meeting on December 7-9, about the pathway for potential changes to Modern Pentathlon to be enacted via the 5th Discipline consultation.

“Five weeks ago the UIPM Executive Board launched the consultation to assess options for replacing Riding with a new Modern Pentathlon discipline after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The IOC has approved UIPM’s proposed timeline, which will see a 5th Discipline Working Group report its findings by August 2022 for presentation to UIPM Congress in November 2022. The inclusion of Modern Pentathlon in the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028, based on the format submitted by UIPM, will then be determined by the IOC Session in 2023.

“UIPM’s global community is ready to embrace the new opportunity presented by the IOC to futureproof Modern Pentathlon as an enduring highlight of the Olympic Games.

“The main constituents of the sport will include a compelling, inclusive and fair format, a sustainable and affordable infrastructure and a combination of sports that engages new audiences while continuing to embrace the ultimate challenge of body and mind – as envisaged by Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

“We are delighted that the IOC Executive Board has noted the critical and timely stakeholder communication in recent weeks that has resulted in the agreement of the UIPM Executive Board and approval granted by UIPM Congress, where more than 80% of National Federations (NFs) voted in favour of replacing Riding.

Athletes are the core of our sport and that’s why it is vital to make the sport available to as many athletes as possible regardless of economic, cultural and regional factors. UIPM is determined to provide a future for tomorrow’s pentathletes by keeping the torch of their Olympic dreams burning for decades to come.

“UIPM, having invited its community to contribute to the 5th Discipline consultation with suggestions since November, will intensify communication via digital media in the coming weeks to generate as many ideas as possible to enrich that process.

“Upcoming actions linked to that matter will be conducted by the new 5th Discipline Working Group, which will be gender-balanced and will gather accumulated expertise from the following groups: the UIPM Athletes, Coaches, Technical and Medical Committees and Innovation Commission, event organizers, NF development staff, the Olympic host countries of Paris 2024, LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032, marketing and media experts and TV partners.

“The formulation of this Working Group is subject to approval by the UIPM Executive Board within this week, after a series of nominations and recommendations. 

“UIPM calls for continued solidarity and unity from the community to work together aiming in the same direction. Debates will continue but only through focusing on a common goal can the community present the IOC with a rock-solid plan in 12 months’ time.

“It is the firm belief of UIPM that all members of its community want the same thing – a stronger pentathlon – and a combined effort is the only way to overcome the exciting challenges ahead.

“UIPM’s goal is to make a fresh start and kickstart a new history for Modern Pentathlon to 2028 and beyond. Faster, higher, stronger, together – in solidarity for future generations.”