Tokyo Qualifier Day 2 Recap

by USA Modern Pentathlon

            Day two was the men’s semifinal and Team USA was represented by Brendan Anderson (out of New York) and San Ruddock (out of New York). A total of 92 confirmed athletes from around the world are looking to finish the day in the top 36 to advance to Saturday’s final.

            Both Anderson and Ruddock were in Group B with 29 other athletes. Swimming was the first event. Anderson swam a time of 2:03.32 which put him in 14th place for the event. Ruddock finished in 8th place with a time of 2:00.21. Up next was fencing. Ruddock finished the fencing event with 180 points which was 28th place in the group. Anderson finished the event in 13th place with a total of 215 points. Before the laser run, Anderson was starting in 13th place and Ruddock was starting in 24th place. Anderson’s time 11:24 was the 15th fastest time of the group. There was some strong competition around and he ended up crossing the line in 14th place overall for his group. Ruddock had a laser run time of 11:53 which put him at 26th place for the event. He ended up in 28th place overall in the group.

Good job to Team USA today. Unfortunately, no men were able to make the final. Tomorrow Jessica Davis will be representing TEAM USA in the women’s final. Be sure to tune into and to watch the day’s action. GO TEAM USA!!!