Team USA Visits the White House

by USA Modern Pentathlon

In a typical year, the nation’s capital welcomes the summer Olympians/Paralympians or the winter Olympians/Paralympians. With the delay of the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics, the summer and winter Games were held only 6 months apart. Because of this, both summer and winter Olympians/Paralympians came together as one for a massive Team USA week in Washington D.C. Among the group were USAPM athletes, Samantha Schultz and Amro Elgeziry. Both competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Team USA week included many workshops for the athletes to learn about life after the Games. The workshops gave athletes tools to help them use their previous success to market themselves for future careers. The week also included a black-tie Gala where all athletes were honored and even included a live performance by Walk The Moon. The summer and winter Games included many athletes who are also members of the Armed Forces. These athletes got a VIP tour of the Pentagon and got to meet senior military members. The week culminated with President Joe Biden hosting all 600+ athletes at the White House South Lawn. The President gave a great speech honoring the Olympians/Paralympians. The pandemic made training and competing especially difficult and draining. But you did it. You all did it. And we were in awe not just of your incredible athleticism but your endurance and your state of mind — but most of all your character. You all have such incredible character.” were just some of the great praises given by the President.

This was truly an honor for all of Team USA athletes.

Team USA at the White House

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