Team USA at World Cup 3

by USA Modern Pentathlon

Team USA takes on World Cup 3, Albena, Bulgaria and shows consistent improvement in the new UIPM format.  With Phaelen French and Tyler Evans having competed at the previous two World Cups, athletes Jessica Davis and Naomi Ross this was their first time experiencing this exciting and fast-paced format.
With both Jessica Davis and Tyler Evans qualifying for the semi-finals and Phaelen French narrowly missing out on her first semi-final athletes will now turn their focus to World Cup 4 and the upcoming World Championships where we hope to see Team USA in the Finals.
We asked Team USA athletes what they thought about the new format and this is what they had to say:
"I had a great time getting to try out the new 90-minute format, it was much faster and challenging but also added more excitement and made the day feel more like a race!  Overall, I preferred it." - Jessica Davis
"I like how the new format challenges athlete's fitness and conditioning!" - Phaelen French
"I like the new format.  It adds more excitement to the sport and makes it more challenging for the athletes, which is very exciting for me personally!  I wish we had the riding event in the semi-finals as it is written in the rule.  But hopefully, the UIPM will figure that piece out in the future.  It would have added another factor of surprise to the sport which is what the sport is about." - Tyler Evans