Team USA Athlete Madison Gonzalez
Team USA Athlete Madison Gonzalez
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Madison Gonzalez

    Athlete Bio

    Team USA Athlete Madison Gonzalez


    Hartfield, CT


    Mexican Valley University

    Name: Madison Gonzalez

    Date of Birth: December 21, 1999

    Hometown: Hartfield, Connecticut

    Current Residence: Mexico City, Mexico

    Career Highlights:

    2023 US National Championships- 3rd

    2023 Senior World Championships- 67th

    2023 Senior World Championships Women's Relay- 12th

    2022 PanAm Qualifier- Team USA member

    2022 US National Championships- 3rd


    I grew up with my Mexican Family with the goal to reach the Olympic Games since I was 5 years old, starting with Gymnastics and Swimming; then at age 8, I found a great combination of both Sports with Synchro, training hard to be ready to stand forward at the Nationals Trials every year reaching the National Team for 7 years consecutive, and being the Capitan of JR National Team all over 4 years. I was a Synchronized Swimmer from 8 years old until 20. At that time, I competed in many World Cups, Pan American Championships, and of course WORLD AQUATICS (world championships) under the Mexican Flag, since October 2019, I turned my life 180 degrees and made a radical change, moving from Synchro to Modern Pentathlon. But why? Before the 2019 Panam Games, I had several eating disorders, and once in the hospital, I was wondering, what if a new sport can save my life? So, I take the risk of learning 5 new disciplines and challenging myself to stand ready to compete in the next Olympic Cycle but under my honorary country of birth USA.

    Are you in School?

    About my Studies: I am currently studying my last semester in Sports Marketing at the “Mexican Valley University” and recently had an internship in Madrid, at the Real Madrid School to obtain a degree in Sports Marketing. In 2024 I would love to start a Master's Degree in Sports Management or Sports Marketing in the USA.

    About my family?

    About my family: I have huge motivations at home, my mom, my little sister (6 years old), my boyfriend, and of course my little shitzu “Lucas” They are my support, and they made a huge effort to help me to compete and fight for all my dreams.

    How was your 2023 season?

    2023 This was a great year for me and it was challenging, finishing 2022 with foot surgery, recovering in less than 2 months getting ready for World Cups, and fighting until the end to qualify for the World Championships and try hard to reach PanAm Games.

    Do you have any non-profits you support?

    ”UNBROKEN“ Olympic sports are taught to girls and boys in vulnerable situations (adoption or retention) in an Orphan House. PROGRAM STARTS in 2020 WITH SPORTS LIKE: Swimming, Synchronized swimming, Fencing, Athletics, and Basketball. With the goal of being a sports foundation and providing athletes for society, sowing the Olympic flame in our children who find themselves in a very abandoned social system. Giving them a new life opportunity.

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