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Merik Pohl

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    Walnut Creek, CA

    Name:  Merik Pohl                                   


    Hometown (City, State):  Walnut Creek, CA


    Current Residence (City, State):  Walnut Creek, CA


    Birthdate: August 11, 2003                 Birthplace (City, State):  Berkeley, California


    Height:            5’ 8”                           Weight: 150 lbs.


    Current Coach: Mark Pohl and George Platt


    Middle School Attended with location: Walnut Creek Intermediate 




    2015 Modern Pentathlon, Youth D, National Champion

    2016 Modern Pentathlon, Youth C, National Championship, Bronze Medalist

    2016 Davis Pentathlon, Youth C, Champion

    2017 Placer County Pentathlon, Youth C, Champion



    Hobbies: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skimboarding



    Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics (include Name, Relation, Sport, Team Name, Years, Top Accomplishments and Country if not USA)


    Mark Pohl, Father, former Modern Pentathlon World and Jr. World Team Member, best finish 5th place in Jr. Worlds 1983 and NCAA Division 1 All American in Fencing

    Orion Pohl, brother, aspiring and improving junior road, criterium and velodrome cyclist, best finishes: 2016 State Velodrome Championships 2nd place overall and recently 3rd place in Berkeley Streets Criterium, March 2017



    Something Unique Others May Not Know About You:  Once build a Rube Goldberg machine



    Favorite Foods: Green eggs and ham



    What Do You Eat for Pre-Competition?  Green eggs and ham


    Favorite Athlete: Janusz Peciak


    Favorite Movie: Home Alone

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