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    The modern pentathlon, invented by Pierre de Coubertin (father of the Modern Olympics), was a variation on the military aspect of the Ancient pentathlon. It focused on the skills required by a late-19th-century soldier, with competitions in shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrianism, and cross country running.

    As an athlete, we know your focus is to become the best you can at swimming, running, fencing, shooting and equestrian while having fun doing it. USA Pentathlon's network of Sanctioned Events, Certified Coaches, Clubs and Regions is here to help you reach your goals in the sport.

    The best way to start is one sport at a time. As you gain confidence and a love for the sport add another discipline. With all of the sub Sports of Pentathlon there is an event for everyone. Pentathlon is five sports: running, shooting, fencing, swimming and equestrian show jumping.

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